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Free Review Display Tool

Use our free tool to integrate your Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business (GMB) accounts, and then display the reviews on your website to gain reviews, you can manage the whole process yourself and get started today!

Utilize Email, SMS, & Shareable Links to Ask for Feedback

We have integrations with both email and SMS technologies (Whatsapp messaging soon), message your customer directly and push them to take action quickly and conveniently.

Only Recommend Reviews that are Favorable

Reviews are very impacting and powerful as more than 60% of people who search for local services rely on reviews to validate their buying-decisions. It's essential to be careful regarding recommending feedback versus inviting someone to post directly on a review site due to the fact that it's very difficult to reverse a review that's been posted. This is often referred to as "review gating."

Post on the Sites Where You Need Reviews

Whether you need reviews posted on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, or any other popular review site like RateMD, Vitals, or HealthGrades, we can help generate the reviews you need on the platform that you need. Talk to our specialists to see if we can help you build the trust that you need to influence buying decisions.

Support & Strategy to Help You Succeed

This is not a "throw you the dogs" type of service. We work with you to help you succeed and help you get to where you want to be. Our premium plans work enable us to better serve you while our free plan still allows us to provide you with content that guides you to succeed in your business.

Use Our Free Tool

Over 70% of People Rely on Reviews Before Making a Purchasing Decision. Utilize the Power of Reviews to Generate Trust For Your Business.

We provide anyone and everyone a free tool to embed reviews from the popular website directories like Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, and more so that you can show website visitors just how amazing your business is.

At the moment, you can display the reviews in 3 different views, allowing you communicate your reviews and testimonials in the way that you want. Furthermore, you can choose your own colors, fonts, sizes, and much more to make the design match your websites or landing pages. 

We believe that every user should play a fundamental role in building their future apps that they love most. That’ s why we’ve included an interactive roadmap and feature-map so that the community and vote on tips. 

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See It in Action

Customized & Personalized Reviews - Working for You.

Review Sliders

Review Blocks

Review Lists

Don’t Let Your Customers Get Lost in a Sea of Confusion with Your Brand

Generate & Capitalize on Real Reviews from Real Customers to Generate Favorability with Your Brand

Why are Reviews so Important?


86% of local consumers read online reviews for local businesses (& 95% of people aged 18-34).

Source: BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey

70% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews (alternatively, 58% trust editorial content and an equal number trust popular brands).

Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey (2011).

Consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business. 40% of consumers only regards reviews published in the last 2 weeks (average for all industries).

BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey

Check Out Our Research Page

Various organizations, universities, and businesses have conducted research on the profound impact of reviews and the results are fascinating. We've collected a number of stats into our carefully curated research page.

Ready to Get Serious About Building Trust?

If you made it this far down the page, you probably realized that it's not enough to just show your reviews... you need to build dozens up them, the more positive and in-depth reviews you have, the more influence your brand and business will have over dubious website and social media visitors. Research shows that most people need to see and regard reviews from the last 3 months. The data also shows that if you have less than 5 reviews you're probably not having enough of an impact to influence buying decisions.

Pricing is Just 

$25 / Review

We craft the copy and schedule all of the campaigns. We check for negative comments and reply on your behalf to try to reverse the negative feedback.

We’ve Streamlined the Process.

We utilize a marketing workflow of tasks and messages to ensure that the process is smooth.


Integrate up to 25+ sources of reviews.


Add your employees or coworkers to your team, track their progress while they generate reviews.


Use personalized email and SMS requests to send personalized requests.


For negative reviews, turn that into feedback for the business.

Talk to Us. You Have Only to Gain.

Schedule a call with our lead local reputation management consultant, there won't be any weather-talk here. We'll give you insights to help build your reputation.

You’re Not Alone with Full Service Management

Schedule a call with us today to get free consultation and direction for your business. There's no obligation. We're here to help you to success.

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Insights with How Customers Interact

Full Insights on Interactions with Customers Via Reviews

Get insight on how many reviews you're getting and on which review sites, get the ability to respond to individual reviews.

Lead Customers to Take Action

Simple Landing Pages that Push Results

Your users are sent through "review funnels" which ask for feedback, if the review is positive, then the funnel kindly recommends for the user to post on on a review channel.

Funnel Negativity into Opportunity

Negative Feedback is Converted into Constructive Feedback

3 Stars or less creates an opportunity for your customer to send feedback via audio or text, and allows for you to repair a relationship. We manage this messaging (if you like) and coach you to improving customer relations.

Use Attractive & Dynamic Forms to Collect Testimonials & Reviews

We use customizable and interactive forms that seamlessly collect information & feedback about your client and invite them to post on your preferred internet directories.
SMBreviewer Dynamic Feedback Request Forms

Our Premium Clients Get Access to Premium Displays

SMBreviewer Features
We are constantly innovating and expanding our feature-set in order to maximize our ability to build you more reviews and online trust.
  • Gated Landing Pages to Gain Positive Reviews
  • Turn Negative Experiences into Constructive Feedback
  • Social Proof to Push Trust
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Use SMS to Increase Visibility & Response
  • Templated Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Strategic Guidance to Improve Reputation
  • Premium Support
  • Facebook Optimization
  • Analytics to Understand Engagement
  • Track Reviews on Over 20 Directories
  • Lead Generation Tools (Worth > $500)
  • Online Reputation Tracking
  • Yelp Optimization

Two Opportunities for Success

Use our free tool to embed your reviews on your web properties, or if you're ready for the next step, partner with us to gain new reviews and build your reputation.

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